What you need to know about safety inspections

To ensure the safety and integrity of our natural gas pipe and meters, there will be times that we will require access to our equipment on your property. Enbridge Gas is required by law to carry out inspections as part of its regulatory obligations with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority to ensure that your gas service is operating safely.

All safety inspections will be completed by qualified Enbridge Gas employees or our authorized contractors G-Tel and Hetek.

There is no cost for these inspections.

To book your safety inspection with Enbridge Gas

If you have received a letter about a safety inspection, please contact the number provided between 7:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday to Friday.

If you are not able to provide access during our normal working hours, it is still important that you call us so that we can work with you to access the natural gas equipment

Safety inspection FAQ’s

We will be inspecting the Enbridge Gas distribution piping and meter for safe reliability and delivery of natural gas.

Our authorized Enbridge Gas employees and contractors are required to provide, upon request, an I.D. badge that shows that they are an employee or an authorized contractor of Enbridge Gas.

The level of access we require to your property is the same as a meter reader and the inspection can take the same amount of time, a minute or two on your property. When access to your meter is available, understanding that your time is valuable, we refrain from creating large appointment windows that may need to be altered due to weather or other circumstances.

To ensure the safe operation of our natural gas distribution system, Enbridge Gas is required to access to your property. If Enbridge Gas personnel is denied or unable to access our assets to complete necessary work, it will be concluded that it is no longer safe to supply gas to the premises and natural gas service will be suspended.

This is a preventative maintenance activity if there is an issue found, the appropriate follow-up will be created.

Follow-up work will be created for a licensed technician to address and repair the issue. Depending on the severity of the issue, this could be same-day or within the next 30 days.

Although we are inspecting Enbridge Gas equipment, sometimes we may detect an issue on the customer-side. If follow-up work is required, the customer is responsible for hiring a licensed HVAC contractor to carry out the repairs. Enbridge Gas does not perform any repairs on customer-owned or rented equipment.

Safety inspections adhere to company engineering standards and their frequency is dependent on the age and location of our assets. Inspections can fall under an annual, four or eight-year cycle.

Where access to the meter is not readily available, we provide 4-hour appointment windows. As we service the majority of Ontario and parts of Quebec, this allows us to accommodate for travel time of our service representatives between sites.

At the time of the safety inspection, no meter readings will be taken. Our meter reading department collects the meter readings on a different schedule.