Enbridge Gas provides a billing service to other third party companies that offer energy-related products and services and include their charges on your Enbridge Gas bill.

If you buy a product or service from a participating company, you may have the option to have the charges included on your natural gas bill. If you choose this option, the charges would appear in the “Charges From Other Companies” section of your bill along with the company’s name and phone number. Enbridge Gas does not recommend, endorse or guarantee the products or services offered by such companies.

Examples of products/services offered that maybe offered:

  • the sale, service or rental of natural gas appliances
  • energy efficiency or environmental initiatives
  • household improvements that result in improved energy efficiency
  • financing contracts for natural gas appliances, home improvements or energy efficiency initiatives.

Important notice: Enbridge Gas will be ending the billing service for participating companies (your service provider(s)) that appear as "Charges from Other Companies" on your Enbridge Gas bill.

Participating companies may choose to leave the program any time between now and Oct. 31, 2024. They will contact you in advance to advise the last month their charges will appear on your Enbridge Gas bill, their new billing method, and the procedures for paying their charges going forward.

Your service provider(s) may ask you to provide your payment information directly to them. Until your service provider(s) notify you of their new billing method, continue to pay the charges from other companies on your Enbridge Gas bill. Please refer to the "Charges from Other Companies" page of your Enbridge Gas bill to confirm your service provider(s).

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding these charges, please contact your respective service provider(s) at the number provided on the "Charges from Other Companies" page of your Enbridge Gas bill.

Participating companies

You should only provide your personal information, including your Enbridge Gas account number, if you’ve decided to enter into a contract with a participating company. The service provider’s name and phone number will appear with their charges on your bill.

Here is a list of participating companies:

Company name Phone number Status
AccuServ Heating Inc. 416-269-2228
Advanced HVAC Inc. 613-833-9963
Alfa Aire Inc. 905-997-4800 or 1-888-997-4801
All Best Mechanical Billing: 613-491-1247 | Sales & Service: 613-291-1911
Allianze Power Corp. 1-800-844-9936
Arctic Home Services Inc. 1-833-272-8421
AtlasCare 905-829-1296 or 416-626-1785
Avalon 416-269-7444
Belyea Bros., Limited 416-425-1200
Cana-Air Cooling & Heating Ltd. 416-298-3788 or 1-855-226-2247
Canada Home Protection Plans 1-800-842-9619
Canadian Choice Home Services 1-800-448-7214
Canadian Energy Savings Corp. 1-855-237-2669
Canadian Home Improvement 1-888-501-4666
Canadian Sustainable Group 1-844-344-4955
Carbon Less 1-888-488-9558
Central Energy 647-704-5524
Chin’s Heating & Cooling Co. 416-293-9299 or 647-233-9299
Comfort Rental Systems 905-341-7773
Constant Home Comfort 1-888-829-1875
Cozy World Inc. 416-855-3651
Crown Crest Capital 1-888-667-5945
Cricket Home Comfort Inc. Billing: 1-855-353-2576
Sales: 1-855-353-2579
Service: 1-855-663-2577
DeMark Home Ontario Inc. 647-847-2998 or 855-998-2998
Eco Energy Home Services Inc. 905-475-6888 or 1-866-382-7468
Eco Green Home Comfort Inc. Billing: 416-229-2767
Sales & Service: 905-554-4243
EcoHome Financial 1-866-382-7468
Eco Star Home Services Co. 1-855-321-8666
Eddy Home Inc. 1-877-388-3399
EFS Financial Services 1-866-333-6460
Emerald Highland 647-776-7567 or 1-800-309-2120
EN Saving Inc. 647-889-9638 or 416-289-8880
Enable Financial 1-800-220-1751
Encomfort Inc. Billing: 416-531-9191
Sales & Service: 416-243-9191
Ener Comfort 1-888-583-8830
Enercare Home Services 1-800-266-3939
Energy Care Canada 647-205-9938 or 1-800-217-7803
Energy Canada Home Comfort 1-888-212-9080
Energy Canada Home Services 1-800-351-3614
Energy Connect Home (ECON) 647-794-6491 or 1-866-341-6490
Energy Management Group Inc. 1-866-229-4797
Energy Saver Tech Ltd Billing: 416-817-0093
Sales & Service: 1-800-272-6630
Enerstar C.H.S. 905-688-4328 or 1-855-534-4953
Enpureal Home Comfort 416-855-9636
Enpure Home Comfort Billing: 416-510-2055
Sales & Service: 1-888-305-3168
Enwave Energy Corporation Billing: 1-833-310-9283
Sales & Service: 1-833-652-1367
ESP Contracting 905-202-3212
Evolve Home Services 1-866-668-4822
For Saving Home Service 416-335-0881
FrancisFuels 613-723-4567 or 1-888-723-4567
Furnace Factory Direct 613-829-8186
Gasco Energy 1-888-966-0797
Gas Pro Heating & Air Conditioning Billing: 647-992-6588
Sales & Service: 647-613-5689
Global Eco Energy Group 416-491-4822 or 1-844-496-4822
Green Bridge Home Comfort 416-998-3888 or 1 800-705-7782
GreenOn Energy Billing: 647-298-5553
Sales & Service: 416-451-8666
Greensavings Home Services 416-613-9518 or 1-844-576-4822
GTA Water Heater Rental Ltd. 416-259-6767 & 1-888-605-6677
Harding Heating & A/C 613-831-2257
HCSI Home Comfort 1-844-243-5533
High Efficiency AC & Heating 905-307 2988 or 1-877- 307-2988
Home Comfort Services 416-913-6840
Home Saving Billing: 905-604-4328
Sales & Service: 1-877-720-4837
HomeServe Billing: 1-833-354-1086
Sales & Service: 1-855-956-8143
Home Water/Greenlife Water 1-855-647-7871 or 416-410-8001
Home Quality Services 1-888-246-3111 or 905-216-7079
HVAC Home Comfort Services 905-883-5889
Ideal Heating & Cooling Solutions Inc. Billing: 647-749-9031
Sales & Service: 1-877-462-8127
Imperial Energy 1-800-925-7868
Just Energy Ontario 1-866-587-8674
L.G. Home Comfort 1-866-438-5442 or 416-860-5995
Livegreen Home Comfort 1-800-706-3842
Lloyd HVAC Services Inc. 647-344-4822
Maple Home Services Ltd. 905-856-5454
MEGACITY Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. 416-286-5665
Municipal Water Savings Corp. 1-800-854-1877
Northwest Gas Ltd. 905-458-1021
Novel Care Billing: 905-737-5016
Sales & Service: 416-921-0000
NT Home Service Inc. 416-282-2958 or 1-855-282-2958
ONEnergy 1-855-544-9141
One Dealer Financial Services Inc 1-800-859-0206
OntarioEco Home Services 1-888-295-6326
Ontario Energy Group 1-800-510-4047
Ontario Go Green 1-855-777-7715
Ontario Home Services 1-888-998-9929
Ontario HVAC & Water 647-348-6989
Ontario Standby Power 1-855-677-4383
Ottawa Home Services 613-604-4777
Pinnacle Environment 416-422-4663
Polaron Solartech Corp. Billing: 647-557-1207 ext. 790
Sales & Service: 647-557-1207 ext. 774
QuickFast Service Co. 416-629-3213
Reliance Home Comfort 1-866-735-4262
Sandpiper Energy Solutions 905-825-4458 or 1-888-668-8117
RPM @ Home Team Ltd. 1-888-776-4629
Services Plus 705-792-7628 or 705-431-2822
Simply Comfort 1-877-363-9588
Simply Billing Services 1-800-764-5138
Simply Energy 416-477-2026 or 1-822-227-7333
Simply Green Home Services Inc. 1-800-764-5138
Simply Smart 1-855-227-7234 or 416-398-7097
Simply Smart Financial Billing: 1-855-227-7222
Sales & Service: 1 855-227-7234
Skymark Financial Corp 1-866-380-9979
Springwater Mechanical 1-833-652-1367
Star Energy Home Comfort Ltd. 416-297-8295 or 1-888-283-1228
Summitt Energy 905-366-7059 or 1-877-222-9520
Sunwave Home Comfort 1-855-478-6928
Sustainable Growth Solutions Billing: 1-844-444-2933
Sales & Service: 905-827-6222 or 1-844-444-2933
True Alliance Financial 416-613-9588
UtilEbill 416-479-0617 or 1-866-225-7204
Viva 1-877-666-8582
VIVA Funding Group 416-477-2132 or 1-866-516-6904
Vista Credit Corp. 1-877-318-4782
Vitality HVAC 647-598-1910
Will's Brothers Home Service 416-464-2010 or 1-800-525-5126
Carbon Less 1-888-488-9558
RPM Home Team 1-888-776-4629
Skymark Finance Corp 1-866-380-9979
Vista Credit Corp. 1-877-318-4782
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For questions about their product, service or charges, contact them directly.

How do I learn more about charges from other companies and dispute a claim?

You can learn more about the charges by signing in to My Account and visiting the 'Manage My Account' tab. If a charge looks incorrect, view our customer information sheet to learn more about our dispute process.

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