There are plenty of reasons to use natural gas. Whether you're upgrading your furnace or buying a new barbecue, there are natural gas solutions to fit your household or property needs.

Natural gas can save you money

If you’re converting to natural gas from electricity, oil or propane, get ready for savings! When you compare, you’ll see that on average, natural gas is significantly less expensive than electricity, oil and propane.

Natural gas is versatile

Look around your home and you'll see a use for natural gas — from water heaters to clothes dryers to fireplaces. Natural gas can also be used outside — for barbecuing, lighting your yard and even heating your swimming pool.

Natural gas is a safe, consistent and reliable supply

With natural gas, you don’t have to think about running out of fuel or arranging for deliveries and it’s one of the safest energy sources available.

Natural gas costs compared to Oil & Electricity costs

Natural gas adds value to your home

Since natural gas is today’s preferred fuel choice, adding a natural gas furnace and appliances can increase the resale value of your home when compared to alternative options.

Natural gas is convenient

Install a natural gas fireplace or campfire and enjoy cozy heat at the push of a button. With a natural gas barbecue you’ll never worry about running out of propane or charcoal again.

Natural gas has environmental benefits

Clean burning natural gas generates less solid waste and water pollution than other conventional energy sources.

*Calculations are based on the assumption that a typical residential customer uses about 2,400 cubic metres of natural gas a year for home and water heating.
**Natural gas rates are based on Enbridge Gas’ residential rates effective April 1, 2019. Electricity rates are based on Toronto Hydro’s, Ontario Energy Board approved, rates effective January 1, 2019. Oil prices are based on publicly posted Statistics Canada historical prices as of February 2019. Costs have been calculated for the equivalent energy consumed by a typical residential customer and includes all service, delivery and energy charges. HST is not included.

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