Get more from natural gas appliances

Enjoy the comforts of outdoor living with natural gas features. From barbecues and fireplaces to patio and pool heaters, natural gas can help make summer and outdoor evenings last longer.

Natural gas has many advantages

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Safe, abundant and affordable.

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Stable, all-day low pricing.

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Reliable supply, even during a power outage.

Easy no-cost tips

Simple changes in habit are the easiest ways to save

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    If you have a pool, use a solar cover to retain heat.

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    Trim overhanging branches to make the most of the sun’s natural heat on your pool.

Long-term investments

Energy savings pay off over time.

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    Insulate your garage to minimize heat loss.

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    Patio heaters are easy to use and cost efficient to keep you warm during cooler night.

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    Consider switching to natural gas lamps—they’re more efficient, don’t require bulbs and don’t attract bugs.

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    Consider a natural gas pool heater to extend your swim season into the fall—they’re much more efficient than electric heaters.

Safety tips

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    Be sure to install natural gas equipment or appliances in sheltered areas, protected from the wind.

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    Avoid loose clothing when barbecuing—use long-handled tools to avoid burns.

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    Never smoke or light a match while checking natural gas connections.

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    Don’t use barbecues indoors or in the garage—smoke and CO can be deadly.

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