Renewable Natural Gas

Convert organic waste into energy

RNG is a carbon-neutral fuel that reduces harmful emissions and provides a renewable source of energy.

Waste can be put to work by converting it to RNG and injecting it into the natural gas network to fuel transportation and heat homes and businesses. Known for its carbon-offsetting advantage, RNG can manage waste, generate revenue and reduce harmful emissions to fight climate change.

RNG is a carbon-neutral solution that can combat climate change.

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RNG can be used to fuel transportation, provide energy needs for homes and businesses and create new revenue streams and jobs for local economies.

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By converting organic waste to RNG, an additional source of low-carbon energy is created. RNG byproduct can also be turned into fertilizers that return valuable nutrients back into the soil.

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RNG effectively lowers greenhouse gas emissions and results in a smaller carbon footprint.

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RNG is fully compatible with existing natural gas infrastructure, making it easily accessible to residential and commercial customers.

Municipal organic waste to RNG

By using a closed loop approach, energy from waste is converted to RNG and added to the natural gas system.

RNG is a carbon-neutral, renewable fuel source that is created by capturing the methane emissions from anaerobic digesters, landfills and wastewater treatment plants. This renewable energy source made from waste can be injected into Enbridge Gas’ natural gas network and used for residential and commercial energy needs as well as transportation fuel. The byproduct of anaerobic digestion, digestate, can also be converted into fertilizers that return valuable nutrients back into the soil.

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      Solutions for municipalities

    Enbridge Gas can help you turn your organic waste into RNG as a solution to meet climate action goals and create a sustainable future for your community.

    We want to help you:

    • Plan for RNG facilities
    • Develop your RNG project with our expertise
    • Add RNG to your energy portfolio

       Solutions for agribusiness and waste management

    We are always looking to partner with new suppliers such as organic waste management companies and waste treatment facilities. With the help of agribusinesses, Enbridge Gas will be able to provide a sustainable energy source to customers across Ontario.

    We want to help you:

    • Earn revenue from RNG
    • Plan your RNG project using our experience and expertise
    • Create a low-carbon energy source and lower your greenhouse gas emissions.

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Toronto to transform organic waste into RNG

The City of Toronto will soon harness the biogas emitted from processing its Green Bin waste at the Dufferin Solid Waste Management Facility. More than a third of the organic waste will become renewable energy, RNG, that can be added to the existing natural gas system and used to fuel the city’s waste collection fleet or heat city buildings. * It’s a smart, circular solution that will help Toronto achieve ambitious climate change goals while diverting waste from landfill.

Process 55,000 tonnes of organic waste.

Eliminates 9,000 + tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Contributes to producing approximately 3.3 million cubic metres of RNG from the clean-up and conditioning of about 6 million cubic metres of biogas.

* Projected to be operational by August 2020.

It's time to end food waste

Almost a third of the world’s food is thrown out. If we consider greenhouse gases as countries, food waste would be the third biggest emitter in the world.

Total greenhouse gas emissions**—Top 10 countries (2011) vs food wastage


*GHGs excluding LULUCF. Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations                       

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