Get a $75 instant discount when you buy a smart thermostat

Did you know that heating and cooling make up 64 percent* of your home’s energy use? With simple setup and advanced features, a smart thermostat makes it easy and convenient to lower your energy costs while staying comfortable. Before you buy, get a $75 discount code and redeem it at the time of purchase.


Qualifying models

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How to get discount code

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Comfort and convenience

The benefits add up

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    It’s quick and easy to install and set up your smart thermostat.

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    Wi-Fi enabled so you can adjust it from anywhere, even when you’re away.

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    Learns and adapts to your schedule so you save energy automatically.

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    Compatible with voice-activated smart home systems.

Get your discount code before you buy

Your unique $75 discount code can only be applied at the time of purchase, and cannot be redeemed after.

Get discount code

Save $75 instantly on these popular models


ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control

Model number: EB-STATE5C-01

ecobee3 lite

Model number: EB-STATE3LTC-02

ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced

Model number: EB-STATE6LC-01

ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

Model number: EB-STATE6C-01

Google Nest**

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Model numbers: T3007EF, T3016CA, T3017CA, T3019CA

Google Nest Thermostat

Model numbers: GA01334-CA, GA02081-CA, GA02083-CA, GA02082-CA

Emerson Sensi

Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat with Colour Display

Model numbers: ST75C, ST75WC, ST75SC

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

Model number: ST55C

Honeywell Home

Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat with Built-In Wi-Fi

Model number: RCHT9510WFW2017/W


Wyze Smart Thermostat

Model number: WTHERM_CA

You are eligible if:

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    You’re a residential Enbridge Gas customer.

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    Your home is heated with a natural gas furnace or boiler.

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    You live in a detached or semi-detached home or row townhouse. Stacked townhouses do not qualify.

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    You have not previously received a smart thermostat rebate or device from Enbridge Gas.

How to get your discount code

1. Confirm your eligibility.

Before you buy, get a discount code by entering your account information, including your name, address, and email to apply. You may be asked to provide the Enbridge Gas account number found on your bill. Your smart thermostat must be installed at this address.

2. Select where you plan to buy your smart thermostat.

Discount codes are only eligible on the models listed above and can be used in-store at The Home Depot, or on the ecobee, Emerson, Google and Best Buy web stores. Be sure to check the manufacturer's website for compatibility with your heating system.

3. You will receive a unique $75 discount code.

This discount code will be emailed to you and must be applied at the time of purchase. You cannot redeem the discount after you buy.

4. Redeem in-store or online.

Use your discount code online at,, and You can also use your discount code in-store at The Home Depot.

Need help with installation? We have provided the YouTube smart thermostat install videos for all popular models on one page for your convenience.

Frequently asked questions

When is the $75 smart thermostat discount valid until?

The Enbridge Gas Smart Thermostat program has been extended until December 31, 2022. You must obtain your discount code and purchase a qualifying device from a participating retailer by December 31, 2022. Please note that this program is subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time—please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Why are my account number and address not eligible?

The Enbridge Gas Smart Thermostat program is available to residential Enbridge Gas customers with an active account who live in a detached home, a semi-detached home, or a row townhouse. If you're a new customer or have recently moved, please wait 2-3 weeks before applying to allow the system to update with your new account information. If you have previously received a smart thermostat incentive from Enbridge Gas at this address, then you will not be eligible to participate again.

Will Enbridge Gas be able to control my smart thermostat if I participate in this program?

No, Enbridge Gas does not have access to your smart thermostat settings and will never adjust the temperature in your home.

Other utilities—especially local electric utilities—may offer demand response programs that allow them to control your thermostat at peak energy load times, in exchange for a rebate or bill credit. Enbridge Gas is currently not affiliated with any of these programs.

I've already purchased my smart thermostat—can I still receive a $75 discount?

No, the $75 discount code can only be used at the time of purchase. This offer is not available to customers who have already purchased their device.

Where can I purchase my smart thermostat?

When you request your instant discount online, you’ll need to select the retailer where you’ll purchase your device. The $75 discount code can be redeemed online at the following manufacturer web stores:

The instant discount can also be redeemed in-store at The Home Depot; however, it cannot be redeemed on The Home Depot’s website for delivery or curbside pick-up. If you’d like to purchase your device at The Home Depot, you can apply for your $75 discount code now and redeem it in-store.

Can I buy the smart thermostat from a retailer not listed above?

At this time, the discount code can only be redeemed online at, and The discount code can also be redeemed in-store at The Home Depot. If you’d like to purchase your device at The Home Depot, you can apply for your $75 discount code now and redeem it in-store.

Can I purchase my smart thermostat online from The Home Depot’s website?

Unfortunately, this discount code cannot be redeemed on at this time because their website does not currently accept coupon codes. If you’d like to purchase your Smart Thermostat online and have it delivered directly to your home, you may redeem the $75 coupon code at the following web stores:

I received a discount coupon in my Energy Savings Kit from IESO's Energy Affordability Program, how do I get my discount?

To get your discount, confirm your eligibility, and then enter the unique discount/promo key you received in the kit. Select where you want to purchase your Smart Thermostat and your discount code will be emailed to you instantly. You can use your discount code online at,, and You can also use your discount code in-store at The Home Depot. The code must be used at time of purchase and cannot be redeemed after purchase.

If you're interested in learning more about the free Energy Savings Kit and how it can save you more money and energy, check out the Energy Affordability Program to see if you qualify.

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*Source: Natural Resources Canada. See Program Terms and Conditions.

**Google, Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat are trademarks of Google LLC