Transportation Service (T-service) is an unbundled service that offers customers the flexibility to match daily supply to consumption. Customers are required to have telemetry and are responsible for managing differences between their daily natural gas nominations and consumption.

Under Transportation Service, customers purchase their natural gas supply and transport it to their delivery area. Enbridge Gas then distributes the natural gas to the customer’s end-use location(s).

The daily differences between a customer’s natural gas nomination to Enbridge Gas and the consumption at the end-use locations(s) are allocated to or from the Customer Balancing Service (CBS) and/or Rate 25 Utility Sales Service; and/or Overrun.

Deliveries to Enbridge Gas

Customers will deliver their natural gas supply to Enbridge Gas to their contractual receipt point(s) in their delivery area, as outlined in the customer’s Schedule 1. Northern T-service customers nominate their natural gas supply daily.

T-service Customer Balancing Service (CBS)

A customer balancing service (CBS) is an interruptible service provided to Northern T-service customers to account for the daily imbalances that occur when their natural gas deliveries do not match their facility’s consumption.

CBS customers are assigned a tolerance band to capture and accumulate each day’s variance between actual nominated supply and plant consumption. You can withdraw gas from, or inject gas into, your CBS daily. Learn more about CBS charges and service fees.

Storage Service

Cost-based storage service includes the space to store the natural gas, the ability to inject or withdraw into the storage space and the ability to move natural gas back and forth between Dawn and the north delivery area – delivery service to take gas to storage and re-delivery to take gas to the delivery area.

Due to the scarcity of the underlying assets in the north delivery zone, cost-based storage is not available to a customer, unless they had contracted for storage before 1999; for these customers, their storage allocation is grandfathered consistent with the north storage allocation policy.

A customer can contract in the market for additional storage services or can request market-based supplemental services, however they are responsible for acquiring services to move gas between their contracted storage location and their delivery area.

Allocation of natural gas consumption

There is a cascading effect when allocating natural gas consumption for northern T-service customers. For northern T-service customers, consumption is allocated first to firm contract demands to the extent that gas was supplied and delivered to the delivery area, then to interruptible contract demand, if available (interruptible Rate 25 T-service to the extent gas was supplied and delivered and then interruptible Rate 25 sales service), and lastly to overrun. This allocation is outlined in Schedule 2 of the contract.

Balancing services are available for this service. For more information, visit our Balancing services page.

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  • Authorization of Interruptible Direct Purchase (DP) Balancing Transactions
    To define the evaluation criteria Enbridge Gas applies when a customer requests authorization for a direct purchase balancing transaction.
  • North T-Service Transportation from Dawn
    This policy will ensure consistent and fair treatment when a customer requests the option to purchase firm transportation capacity from Dawn to any of Union's North East delivery areas.
  • Obligated Daily Contract Quantity (DCQ) -- Union North
    This policy will ensure consistent and fair treatment of changes to a customer's obligated Daily Contract Quantity (DCQ).
  • Priority of Service
    This policy provides information regarding the processing of interruptions or scheduling reductions, to interruptible services, when requested services exceed available capacity under normal operating conditions.
  • Service Switching
    This policy ensures equitable treatment of customer requests to move between any of Union Gas' four services: Sales Service, Bundled-T, Transportation Service or Unbundled Service.
  • TCPL Turnback
    The purpose of this policy is to provide an overview of how Union Gas will facilitate T-service customer requests to turnback temporarily assigned TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL) capacity as part of their Direct Purchase contract.
  • Temporarily Changing Existing Customer Obligated Points of Receipt
    This policy applies to all existing Bundled-T and T-Service direct purchase customers in Union Gas' Southern operations area.
  • North Storage Allocation Policy
    This policy provides information on the cost-based storage space and deliverability available to customers in Union North rate zone.

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