Control costs with flexible rates & contracts

Combined with our competitive rates, our energy savings programs and one-on-one account manager support will help you to optimize your natural gas consumption and reduce your total energy costs. Enbridge Gas has a robust portfolio of energy services and solutions to help businesses meet their energy needs, manage costs in the face of rising fuel prices, and stay efficient.

Large-volume distribution contract rate options

Customers can contract for distribution services, provided they meet all the eligibility requirements of the Union North West and East delivery zone contract rate class. The volume of use will determine your qualifying rate class. Customers with contract rate services have specific parameters for daily, hourly and annual (if applicable) natural gas use, as well as for the minimum guaranteed pressure of the natural gas delivered during the term of the contract.

Customers can choose to purchase their natural gas supply from Enbridge Gas (sales service) or purchase their own natural gas supply from a retail energy marketer or broker (direct purchase). The option you choose (listed below) will determine the type of contract(s) you'll sign with Enbridge Gas.

Large Volume Rate Class Rate 10 Rate 20 Rate 25 Rate 30 Rate 100
Service Type Firm delivery service Firm delivery service Interruptible delivery service Intermittent gas supply and
short-term balancing services
Firm delivery service
Minimum load factor

Monthly customer charge

Contract demand charge N/A unless T- Service option selected

Delivery charge

Minimum annual volume requirement N/A Greater than 50,000 m3/year N/A N/A 256 X contract demand
Annual minimum bill charge

Notice of curtailment

4 hours

Details Details Details Details Details

We can help you find the right service for your needs

We have a sales team made up of dedicated, industry experts who can determine the best rates and services to meet your business needs. Building trusting, lasting relationships with our clients is a top priority.