Rate 10 typically applies to medium - large commercial and small industrial customers. These include small businesses, restaurants, hotels and retail stores. These customers are located in Enbridge Gas - Union North rate zone and consume more than 50,000 m3 of natural gas each year.

  • No contract required for customer who purchases their gas supply from Enbridge Gas.
  • If the customer elects for Direct Purchase (T-Service or Bundled T), they must enter into a contract with Enbridge Gas - See Rate 20 for sample Bundled T contract.
  • Authorization of Interruptible Direct Purchase (DP) Balancing Transactions
    To define the evaluation criteria Enbridge Gas applies when a customer requests authorization for a direct purchase balancing transaction.
  • North T-Service Transportation from Dawn
    This policy will ensure consistent and fair treatment when a customer requests the option to purchase firm transportation capacity from Dawn to any of Union's North East delivery areas.
  • Obligated Daily Contract Quantity (DCQ) -- Union North
    This policy will ensure consistent and fair treatment of changes to a customer's obligated Daily Contract Quantity (DCQ).
  • Priority of Service
    This policy provides information regarding the processing of interruptions or scheduling reductions, to interruptible services, when requested services exceed available capacity under normal operating conditions.
  • Service Switching
    This policy ensures equitable treatment of customer requests to move between any of Enbridge Gas' four services: Sales Service, Bundled-T, Transportation Service or Unbundled Service.
  • TCPL Turnback
    The purpose of this policy is to provide an overview of how Enbridge Gas will facilitate T-service customer requests to turnback temporarily assigned TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL) capacity as part of their Direct Purchase contract.
  • Temporarily Changing Existing Customer Obligated Points of Receipt
    This policy applies to all existing Bundled-T and T-Service direct purchase customers in Enbridge Gas' Union rate zones.