Rate T1 is for commercial or industrial customers who consume up to 140,870 m3 of natural gas each day (firm contract demand) and at least 2,500,000 m3 of natural gas each year, at each consumption point. To meet the required 2,500,000 m3 per year minimum annual volume, a customer may combine consumption at multiple meters on contiguous properties within the Enbridge Gas service area. T1 customers must manage their own storage account.

These customers typically use natural gas for process applications and as a feedstock – such as general manufacturing plants, food and beverage plants, greenhouses, institutions, large hospitals and district heating plants. Rate T1 customers are required to sign a distribution contract with Enbridge Gas.

For further details, refer to the Understanding South Transportation Services page


Balancing services are available for this service. For more information, visit our Balancing services page.

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