Put energy efficiency to work in your multi-residential building

Whether you operate a multi-unit apartment building or high-rise condominium, keeping up with the comfort and lifestyle demands of your residents can be both costly and challenging. We can help you keep your building running optimally to achieve ongoing cost savings, attract and retain residents and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Saving energy can help you:

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    Meet emissions reduction targets.

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    Improve comfort for residents.

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    Reduce operating costs.

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    Strengthen energy resilience.

Why work with us?

Working with an Energy Solutions Advisor has many advantages. We’ll help you to:

Understand your business needs and set goals to save.

Identify and prioritize energy-saving projects across your building.

Calculate estimated savings to help build your business case.

Provide technical support for energy-efficient equipment and processes.

Apply for programs and incentives to speed up payback.

Where are your top opportunities hiding?


Choose high-efficiency or condensing boilers to reduce costs and improve reliability through cold winter months.

Building automation & controls

Implement building controls and save energy through operational improvements.

Condensing MUAs

For buildings with greater ventilation requirements, condensing make-up air units can improve air quality.

In-suite upgrades

Choose energy-efficient technology and get fixed incentives for every unit you install.

New construction

Our programs offer design expertise, energy modelling and financial incentives for building better than the Ontario Building Code.

Retrofits & custom projects

We pay up to 50 percent of incremental costs for energy-efficiency projects that deliver savings.

“We are on the top floor. Before the control system was installed, when other tenants complained about the cold, the building managers would turn up the heat. That usually led to our apartment overheating and then my wife often had to open our windows. Last winter, with the new controls in place, we didn’t have to do anything. Now the heat is steady and it is more comfortable than before.”

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Are you an affordable multi-family housing provider?

We offer specific programs and generous financial incentives for upgrades to, and new construction of social and municipal housing, shelters, co-ops, rent-geared-to-income housing and market-rate multi-family buildings.

Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

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