Add building automation for cost-effective comfort and control

Whether you run a large office building or affordable housing, fluctuating occupancy levels, increased ventilation requirements and tighter budgets are challenging owners and energy managers to reassess control of indoor spaces.

A building automation system (BAS) is an efficient way to increase a building’s flexibility to respond to a variety of operating conditions. Monitoring, managing and adjusting key energy systems from a single touchpoint is an effective way to optimize energy use automatically.

Why upgrade?

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    Reduce energy costs.

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    Enhance occupant comfort.

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    Gain greater flexibility and control over key systems.

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    Monitor security.

BAS can be installed in commercial buildings to control:


HVAC systems, including boilers

Makeup Airflow
Rooftop units
Electrical systems
Control Systems
Security systems
Smoke alarm
Fire alarms and other emergency systems
Elevator doors

How does building automation work?

A building automation system (BAS) is a software program that uses data to automatically adjust building performance. A BAS generally takes all the controls required to operate a space and integrates them into one user-friendly interface.

Installing a BAS gives you enhanced control over various building systems, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, electrical grids, security systems and much more. They can vary in complexity, depending on the structure and purpose of the building.

Sensors are among the core technologies behind building automation. Typically, sensors monitor heating, HVAC systems, indoor/outdoor lighting and more. Controllers can be set to keep a building’s indoor climate within a certain temperature range, for example, or to operate lighting based on an occupancy schedule. Sensors can also monitor system performance and alert facility managers to potential problems or system malfunctions. Smart HVAC controls help limit energy use in unoccupied building areas, detect and diagnose faults, and reduce HVAC usage overall, particularly during times of peak energy demand.

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