Upgrade and save with ozone laundry incentives

Reduce both hot water and natural gas consumption with an ozone laundry system. Once added to a new or existing commercial washing machine, the system generates ozone (O3), a naturally occurring molecule, which helps clean and disinfect fabrics, without using hot water. We can help commercial laundry facilities upgrade with fixed incentives to help offset the upfront cost.

Why upgrade?

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    Save up to $3,000 in annual natural gas water heating costs.*

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    Shorten wash cycles and drying times.

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    Extend fabric life and disinfect laundry.

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    Wash large volumes of laundry faster and more efficiently.

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    Reduce the use of natural gas by using cold water.

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    Improve staff productivity and work environment.

Commercial laundry facilities can benefit

Institution Building
Long-term care homes


Hotel and motel
Hotels and motels
Commercial laundry services
Correctional Facility
Correctional facilities
Sports Arena
Athletic clubs

How does ozone laundry work?

Laundry disinfecting has been traditionally done by bleaching with chlorine at high temperatures along with agitation. Unfortunately, bleach is a naturally slow reactant in cold temperature, so hot water is needed to be effective.

Ozone cleans laundry by using water saturated with ozone instead of standard tap water. Ozone carries an electrical charge that activates the detergents, improving the cleaning capability. It’s highly effective in cold to ambient water temperatures and reacts very rapidly, breaking up soil on contact. By adding ozone, you’ll also use significantly less detergent which means that rinse cycles to remove detergent residues are shortened as well.

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Get incentives to offset your costs

Our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you take advantage of incentives through the following programs:

Fixed Incentive Program

Per-unit incentives make it quick and easy to offset the cost of installing ozone laundry systems.

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Affordable Multi-Family Housing Program

Get incentives for custom energy-efficiency measures in social, affordable and market-rate multi-family buildings.

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Incentives for business partners

Get rewarded to help commercial customers, industrial customers and affordable housing providers upgrade to high-efficiency equipment, and connect with Energy Solutions Advisors who can help you close sales.

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Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

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