Uncover natural gas savings in your facility

Manufacturing operations can be energy intensive, but there’s always potential for improving energy efficiency. Our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you uncover opportunities and achieve ongoing savings with incentives and solutions tailored to your needs.

Top equipment upgrades

Heat recovery

One-third of energy consumed by industry is wasted as a result of inefficiencies. Learn how to repurpose wasted heat and put it towards something useful.

How heat recovery works

Process heating

Process heating is often overlooked as an opportunity to reduce energy costs. Discover how incremental changes can generate energy savings.

How process heating works

Building ventilation & heating

Heat and ventilate your facility more efficiently to reduce operating costs, improve productivity and enhance workplace comfort.

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Steam & hot water systems

Steam system efficiencies can improve productivity while saving energy and costs. We can help you upgrade with expert help and incentives.

How steam systems work

Workshop: Where to look for natural gas savings, and why it’s important

This workshop, led by Enbridge Gas’ Damir Naden, Supervisor, Large and Institutional, shows you where to uncover natural gas savings in your facility and how to achieve quantifiable energy savings that last.

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We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

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