Reduce energy waste and costs through heat recovery

Did you know that roughly one-third of the energy consumed by industry is wasted as a result of inefficiencies? In industrial facilities or institutional buildings, heat recovery captures and repurposes wasted heat generated from equipment and processes and puts it towards something useful.

Save energy with incentives that pay up to 50 percent of incremental project costs for heat recovery projects.

Why upgrade?

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    Repurpose the heat you’re already paying for.

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    Improve process heating efficiency.

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    Reduce energy, maintenance and operating costs.

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    Improve workplace productivity.

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    Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Which buildings can benefit

Manufacturing facilities
Institutional buildings

What you need to know about heat recovery

Energy wasted is money wasted. Whether you run an industrial facility or institutional building, your equipment is generating heat. This heat is lost energy—energy you’ve already paid for. That’s a significant cost disappearing into thin air.

Heat recovery converts wasted heat into something you can use. It’s about finding ways to offset the energy you’re already paying for.

For industrial customers, optimizing your system and recovering heat from equipment will also improve process heating efficiencies. This can translate to better productivity and, ultimately, improved key performance indicators (KPI).

Common opportunities for heat recovery:

  • Use ducts to move the warmed cooling air from air compressors back into the facility as space heating.
  • Install condensing economizers on boiler flues.
  • Insulate steam piping.
  • Redirect heated air from cooling systems.
  • Add variable frequency drives and heat exchangers to convection oven exhaust systems.
  • Install make-up air units with built-in heat exchangers.
  • Redistribute ambient air from hot areas of the facility to colder ones.

Webinar: Put waste heat to work for your facility

Join Enbridge Gas’ Damir Naden as he demonstrates: where to look for waste heat in your facility; how to assess opportunities for heat recovery; and how to use the heat you’re paying for to offset future heating costs.

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Incentives for heat recovery

Our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you take advantage of incentives through the following programs:

Industrial Custom Engineering Program

Get up to 50 percent of incremental project costs for steam system upgrades, up to $100,000 per project.

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Industrial Studies & Assessments

Get up to 50 percent of costs to measure and assess your equipment and processes.

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