Improve boiler efficiency and save

Without proper system design, boilers can waste energy and increase operational costs. Upgrading your system is an effective way to maximize comfort while minimizing costs.

Today’s systems are much more efficient, both in terms of natural gas and water consumption, which saves energy and money. We can help you upgrade, with expert help and incentives.

Why upgrade?

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    Improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

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    Reduce energy, maintenance and operating costs.

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    Control costs more effectively year-round with automated systems.

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    Increase the comfort of your building.

Which buildings can benefit?

House and building

Multi-unit residential and affordable multi-family housing buildings




Commercial office buildings

Institution Building

Long-term care facilities

Industrial building

Industrial facilities

What you need to know about boiler systems

In the simplest terms, boilers heat water that’s used for space heating. Using heat exchangers, boilers generate steam or hot water, which is then circulated throughout the building. Two types of energy-efficient boilers qualify for incentives:

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High-efficiency, non-condensing boilers

High-efficiency, non-condensing boilers are 85 to 89 percent efficient—an economical choice with lower upfront costs.

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Condensing boilers

Condensing boilers reach efficiencies of 98 percent by reusing waste heat.

Optimize your system with these upgrades

  • Add automated control systems.
  • Right-size boilers to match heating demand.
  • Implement boiler sequencing to extend equipment life.
  • Control boiler pumping.
  • Damp and vent flues.
  • Optimize temperature.
  • Add an I/O control with reset.
  • Optimize air and fuel controls.
  • Minimize purge cycles.

Boiler upgrades save Standard Life over $125,000 a year

When the cost of repairing an aging boiler plant became untenable, upgrading to high-efficiency boilers with controls drove down costs, with rapid payback.

  • 339,000 m3 annual natural gas savings.
  • $125,000+ annual cost savings.
  • 3-year payback.

“The savings benefit tenants as well as building owners and they free up funds for other projects.”

Norman Almeida
Technical and Construction Manager

Why work with us? Free expert help, at every step

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We’ll help you identify energy-efficient opportunities, such as boiler upgrades.


Get a detailed calculation of potential savings with incentives.

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Get incentives when you implement our recommendations.

Incentives for boiler upgrades

Our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you identify projects and take advantage of incentives through the following programs:

Commercial Custom Retrofit Program

Get up to 50 percent of incremental project costs for boiler upgrades, up to $100,000.

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Affordable Multi-Family Housing Program

Get incentives for boiler upgrades in eligible affordable housing buildings.

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Industrial Custom Engineering Program

Get up to 50 percent of incremental project costs for steam systems and boilers, up to $100,000.

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Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

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