Conduct an energy audit for an action plan to save

Understanding how and why energy is being used in your building or facility can help you find efficiencies and reduce costs. An energy audit can reveal your greatest energy-saving potential, helping you to map out a plan for maximum energy efficiency and performance.

Take advantage of our Energy Solutions Advisors’ expertise in identifying opportunities. Then explore incentives that can offset the cost of a deeper analysis, such as energy audits, assessments and engineering studies for buildings, facilities and affordable housing.

Why conduct an energy audit?

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    See how and where energy is being used.

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    Identify and prioritize energy-efficiency projects.

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    Pinpoint problem areas that may have gone unnoticed.

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    Build a business case for investing in improvements.

Why work with us?

Identify and prioritize energy projects and set goals to save.

Get technical support on new technologies and processes.

See estimated savings on all energy sources to build your business case.

Secure incentives to speed up payback.

Programs tailored to your needs

Commercial Custom Audit & Studies

Uncover energy-saving opportunities in HVAC systems, steam traps and other building systems with incentives to offset the cost.

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Industrial Studies & Assessments

Get expert help and incentives to cover the cost of identifying and quantifying energy-saving opportunities in industrial facilities.

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Affordable Housing Multi-Residential Program

Get up to $8,000 for an energy assessment (up to $40,000 per housing provider) to identify opportunities for natural gas savings in affordable housing buildings.

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Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

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