Improve the efficiency of your shipping and receiving doors

With shipping and receiving doors opening and closing all day, unwanted cold or hot air can be infiltrated or lost, reducing comfort and increasing energy costs.

You’re eligible for incentives up to 90 percent on air curtains and up to 85 percent on dock door seals, two effective ways to reduce air loss and energy costs plus improve comfort. Upfront discounts are applied right away.

What’s in it for you?

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    A site visit or virtual site assessment to help you choose the right equipment.

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    We take care of everything from start to finish, from help choosing the right equipment through installation and electrical connections.

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    Up to 90 percent of total costs covered for air curtains.

Air curtains bonus offer—up to 90 percent of total costs covered

We’ve increased incentives on all sizes of air curtains to up to 90 percent of total costs. This increased offer is part of our response to supporting your business during COVID-19. To be eligible, simply sign the project quote within 30 days of completing your energy assessment.

Benefits of air curtains and dock door seals


Reduce heat loss up to 90 percent* with air curtains, while allowing vehicles and people to pass through.

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Lower energy costs and increase long-term bill savings.

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Keep out snow, exhaust, dust and insects.

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Maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and improve working conditions.

Typical costs and savings

For a typical 12' x 12' drive-in door**
Cost to customer $1,000 – 1,300/door
Annual energy savings $1,300/door
Payback 10 – 12 months
For a new typical 8' x 10' dock-in door**
Cost to customer $200 – 250/door
Annual energy savings $1,200/door
Payback 2 – 3 months

How the program works


Schedule a site assessment with one of Enbridge Gas’ Program Delivery Agents. Virtual site assessments are also available.


During your site assessment, they’ll review your shipping doors and recommend the most effective air curtains or dock door seal to reduce heat loss.


You’ll receive a quote with the incentive already applied—you pay only the discounted price.


Our Program Delivery Agent will install the equipment, including all electrical connections. They’ll also train your staff how to operate and maintain the technology. Installation must be complete by Oct. 31, 2021 to qualify for upfront discounts.

Many buildings can benefit


Manufacturing, warehouse and distribution

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Transportation and terminals


Grocery stores

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Foodservice and food processing

Incentives cover up to 90 percent of total costs for improvements

With up to 90 percent of total project costs covered, ongoing energy savings and payback in less than a year,* the business case for installing air curtains or dock door seals is clear.

What equipment is eligible for this offer?

Air curtains

Air curtains use a wall of forced air to create an invisible barrier that people and vehicles can still pass through. This prevents outdoor elements from coming in—and indoor air from escaping.

Common drive-in shipping door sizes Estimated annual natural gas savings (m3) Estimated annual natural gas bill savings ($)**
12' x 12' 5,700 $1,300
14' x 14' 6,500 $1,500
16' x 16' 7,100 $1,600

Air curtains installed in this program have been tested by a third-party performance standard ANSI/AMCA 220-05 or similar and installed as per manufacturer specifications.

Dock door seals

There are two ways to seal dock doors. Compression seals are foam pads that form a tight seal around the top and sides of the trailer when it backs in. Shelter seals are flexible foam frames that adapt to form a seal around the trailer sides.

Common dock-in shipping door sizes Estimated annual natural gas savings (m3) Estimated annual natural gas bill savings ($)**
8' x 10' (new—no existing seals) 5,100 $1,200
8' x 10' (replacement of existing deteriorated seals) 2,000 $400

Compression seals installed in this program are a wide, foam, fixed pad with a minimum 40 oz. vinyl cover with 4" wear pleats for improved seal and durability. Shelter-type seals have a curtain-like seal with minimum 40 oz. vinyl all around and foam frame that compresses against the sides and top of the truck trailer box to seal all gaps.

Expert help that delivers

Direct Install Program Delivery Agents were contracted by Enbridge Gas Inc. through a competitive bid procurement process to secure pricing on the equipment and all other services associated with this offer. Our Enbridge Gas Contracted Program Delivery Agents include:

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Dock Systems

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Northern Dock Systems

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Wilcox Door Service Inc.

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*The equipment offered through this program reduces air loss up to 90% by creating a seal up to 90%, as determined by manufacturers. **Actual costs, natural gas bill savings and payback may vary. All examples are approximate and based on the cost of a typical door size and installation. Offer is available to commercial buildings with an active Enbridge Gas account with shipping doors that have never participated in an Enbridge Gas energy-efficiency program. The building must have natural gas space heating and the space adjacent to the shipping door must be heated during the heating season by natural gas-fuelled equipment. Shipping doors with vestibules are not eligible. Other door sizes not listed above may be eligible. Only existing buildings are eligible for this program; new construction is not eligible. For air curtains: Replacement of existing air curtains is not eligible and air curtains are not eligible on dock-in doors where other mechanisms that combat infiltration are present, such as dock door seals. Equipment installed must be tested by a third-party performance standard (ANSI/AMCA 220-05 or similar) and installed as per manufacturer specifications. For dock door seals: Replacement of existing deteriorated seals or the addition of new seals to existing dock-in style shipping doors that do not have any type of seal in place are eligible. If other mechanisms that combat infiltration at the dock-in door are present, such as air curtains, it is not eligible. Two types of seals (compression and shelter) are eligible based on door size. Compression seals (this is a foam pad that is wide and fixed to the door, with a minimum of 40 oz. vinyl cover) on 8' x 8', 8' x 9' and 8' x 10' doors. Shelter type seals (this is a curtain-like seal with minimum 40 oz. vinyl with shelter frame that is made of steel with foam pad or foam core that compresses against the sides and top of the trailer box on 9.5' x 10.5' or 10' x 10' doors. Other door sizes not listed may be eligible but must be reviewed and approved by Enbridge Gas Inc. Both seal styles, compression and shelter, require 4" exposure wear pleats. Existing deteriorated seals are only eligible if the existing seal has a minimum average two-inch gap based on a six-point measurement. This measurement must be taken and provided with the application form to be eligible. If a measurement is not provided with the application, then it is not eligible. Direct Install incentive offer is conditional until eligibility (outlined above) is confirmed. Participants in the Direct Install offer must consent to a complimentary assessment (virtual or on-site) of their shipping doors to confirm eligibility, sign a work order application form and have the equipment installed in their facility no later than Oct. 31, 2021. To be eligible for limited-time bonus offers, customers must sign project quote within 30 days of completing the assessment. This offer is limited in terms of time and budget and is available to customers on a first come, first served basis. Additional terms and conditions apply.