Get expert help to design sustainable buildings

The Savings by Design Commercial and Multi-Residential program gives your project team free access to industry experts, technical tools and financial incentives to help you build high-performance, resilient and sustainable buildings.

What’s in it for you?

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    Sustainable design expertise, at no cost to you.

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    Live energy modelling to show the impacts of various design options.

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    Financial incentives to help offset costs.

Benefits of building better:


Boost energy performance.


Reduce environmental impact.

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Lower operating costs.

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Avoid costly changes during construction.

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Enhance occupant wellbeing and comfort.

“We have 100 to 200 experts we can call on to bring your team up to speed on the latest in green building. The strength of the program is this roster of experts—you’d never have access to all these people.”

Mike Singleton
Executive Director, Sustainable Buildings Canada

Sustainable Buildings Canada has facilitated Savings by Design Commercial and Multi-Residential integrated design process workshops for Enbridge Gas since 2012.

How the program works

Number one

Visioning session

Session duration: 1 – 2 hours
We’ll meet with your project lead, sustainability manager and a design team member to help define your project requirements and sustainability priorities.

Number three

Get rewarded for building above code

Earn incentives that reward you for building 20 percent above code:

$15,000 As-designed energy performance incentive
Earn incentives when you complete a pre-construction certified energy model that shows your building will be 20 percent above current code.

$15,000 As-built energy performance incentive
Earn additional incentives by confirming your building is 20 percent above code with a post-construction certified energy model, performed by a professional modeller.

Number two

Integrated design process workshop

No cost ($30,000 value*)
Workshop duration: 1 day Your team will strategize with energy modellers and sustainable design experts to maximize your project’s energy and environmental performance at a full-day workshop facilitated by Sustainable Buildings Canada.

An energy model will be developed as well as a final report summarizing the options discussed and recommendations.

“The building code doesn’t take into account future weather. Our climate is getting warmer, and by 2050 we’ll have a significantly higher number of days where cooling will be required. Using energy load simulation, we can look at the effect of future weather on building loads and occupant comfort.”

Oleksandra Orisko
Principal and Co-Founder, Pratus Group

Success stories

Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) directs savings back into the classroom

See which energy-efficiency enhancements have helped OCSB become one of Ontario’s top energy-performing boards.

  • $30+ million in avoided energy costs since 2004.
  • 25 percent average annual natural gas savings.

“Savings by Design provided a risk-free environment for exploring and testing sustainability innovation.”

Gerry Sancartier
Property and Operations

How South Niagara Hospital builds well-being

With 14 million visitors a year, learn how the new South Niagara Hospital will integrate energy-saving strategies from the start.

  • 32 percent better energy performance than Ontario Building Code.
  • 5+ million kg CO2e projected GHG reduction.

“Savings by Design is helping us achieve our goal of becoming a WELL®-certified facility, where well-being, sustainability and efficiency align.”

Cliff Harvey
Chief Planning Officer, Niagara Health

Is your project eligible?

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    Commercial, institutional or multi-residential project.

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    At the design phase or earlier.

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    50,000 sq. ft. or greater.

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    Located in the Enbridge Gas service area.

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    Your project uses natural gas as one of its primary fuel sources.

Is your building less than 50,000 sq. ft.? You may be eligible for the Commercial Custom New Construction program.

Apply today to get the most out of your next project

Mary Sye

Energy Solutions Advisor, Savings by Design, Commercial & Multi-Residential

*This has no cash value. To qualify for the program, your project must be located in the Enbridge Gas Inc. service area. City of Toronto projects will be required to achieve higher energy performance targets. If a participant doesn’t complete construction of a new commercial property in the Enbridge Gas service area that exceeds 20 percent of the OBC’s energy performance requirement within five years of completing the integrated design process workshop, they’re not eligible for performance incentives. In order to receive incentive payments, you must agree to all program terms and conditions, fully participate in all stages of the program and meet all program requirements. HST is not applicable and will not be added to incentive payments.