We understand that customers may experience difficulties paying their bills. We are committed to providing support. If you are experiencing hardship and are unable to make a payment, or you have an issue with your account, we encourage you to review the options below.

Low-income customers may qualify for emergency relief through the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program. The program provides emergency relief with financial grants of up to $500 in a given year. This amount is applied directly to the outstanding balance on your gas bill and will vary based on account circumstances. Customers should visit the United Way Simcoe Muskoka website for qualification information.

A payment arrangement allows you to make installment payments against your balance and prevent late penalties on your account. Based on your account status, you can choose the number of installments, amounts, and payment dates.

If you are 65 or older, you are eligible for our Golden Age Service at no charge. This program offers the option to pay your monthly gas bill when you receive your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) cheque with no late payment penalty charged.

Sign in or register for an online profile and navigate to the 'Manage My Account' tab to set up an arrangement and/or Golden Age Service. This option will only display if your account is eligible. Learn more about our payment options.

It’s easy to let us know if you have paid an overdue bill in full.

Sign in or register for an online profile and navigate to the 'Manage My Account' tab and select 'Report a Payment.' Once there, you can enter your payment amount and date.

We want to ensure you have natural gas running in your home. If your natural gas is currently off, we’ll work with you to quickly schedule an appointment to have your natural gas reconnected.

Call us at 1-877-362-7434 to have your natural gas reconnected.

Make budgeting easier with the Equal Monthly Payment Plan (EMPP).

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