Get rewarded for helping customers invest in energy efficiency

There are many advantages to working with Enbridge Gas and promoting our energy-efficiency incentive offers to your customers. We’re here to support your business and help you close more sales. With our Business Partner Incentive program, you can also earn incentives for helping your customers upgrade to eligible high-efficiency equipment.*

Who can participate?

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    Design engineers

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    Engineering consultants

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    HVAC contractors

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    Third-party contractors

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Why work with us?

Think of our Energy Solutions Advisors as extensions of your team. Here’s how we can add value for your customers:

As a trusted brand, Enbridge Gas lends credibility to a project.

We’ll reinforce and verify your estimated savings, including payback.

Improve bid competitiveness by incorporating energy-efficiency incentives.

Get help to identify new opportunities to propose to your customers.

We’ll take care of the incentive application and paperwork.

Incentives for customers

Affordable Multi-Family Housing Program

Get incentives for eligible energy-efficient upgrades in social, affordable and market-rate multi-family buildings.

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Commercial Custom Retrofit Program

Get up to 50 percent of energy efficiency upgrade costs up to $100,000 for investing in capital projects that save natural gas.

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Fixed Incentive Program

Help customers offset the cost of installing eligible energy-efficient equipment.

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Incentives for business partners

Fixed Incentive Program

Business partner incentive Distributor incentive
  • Air curtain (for pedestrian or shipping/dock doors)
  • Condensing make-up air
  • Dock door seal
  • Demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV)
  • Destratification fan
  • Energy recovery ventilator (ERV)
  • Heat recovery ventilator (HRV)
  • Ozone laundry
$100 per unit $50 per unit
  • Demand control ventilation (with CO2 sensor)
$50 per unit $50 per unit
  • In-suite ERV/HRV, as applicable when installed as part of an eligible multi-unit residential in-suite project.
5% of the total customer incentive per building. One business partner incentive payment per building.

For all industrial customers, dock door seal projects are only eligible if the incentive application is approved by an Enbridge Gas representative.

One – time bonus offer

Business partner can get bonus incentives based on the number of units installed between Jan. 1, 2023 to Dec. 31, 2023.

One-time bonus offer
50 - 99 units $1,000
100 - 199 units $2,500
200+ units $5,000

The bonus offer is awarded and paid out once at year-end based on the total number of qualified units installed between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 (inclusive).

  • Qualified units are measures that are approved for customer incentives through the Prescriptive (Fixed) Incentive program.
  • Multi-unit residential in-suite projects and custom projects are excluded from the bonus offer.

Affordable Multi-Family Housing Program

For projects in social and municipal housing, shelters, co-ops and eligible market-rate multi-family buildings. Eligible market-rate multi-family buildings will need to demonstrate either at least 30 percent of units are rented at less than 80 percent of the median market rent, determined by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, based on the information gathered during rent roll review by Enbridge Gas, or the building has participated in a federal, provincial, or municipal affordable housing funding program in the last 5 years.

Business partner incentive Distributor incentive
Custom projects
Custom projects that reduce natural gas consumption in your building stock insulation upgrades, heat recovery, control systems and buildings automation systems. $100 per project
(Limited-time bonus incentive)
$50 per project
(Limited-time bonus incentive)
Fixed measures
  • Condensing water heaters
  • Condensing make-up air (MUA)
$100 per unit $50 per unit
  • Boilers
$100 per unit x2
$200 per unit
(Limited-time double incentive)
$100 per unit
(Limited-time bonus incentive)
  • In-suite ERV/HRV
5% of the total customer incentive per building. One business partner incentive payment per building. 5% of the total customer incentive per building. One business partner incentive payment per building.

Commercial Custom Retrofit Program

Take advantage of our limited-time offer on boiler upgrades!* Your customers may qualify for enhanced incentives of $0.30/m3 of natural gas saved for high-efficiency boilers and $0.40/m3 of natural gas saved for condensing boilers. Plus, get limited-time incentives for helping your customers save.

Business partner incentive Distributor incentive
  • Condensing or high-efficiency boiler
$100 per unit** $50 per unit**

* Limited-time offer is available to all Enbridge Gas Inc. commercial customers, excluding contract rate customers previously served by Union Gas. To qualify for this limited-time offer, the project must meet the following requirements: (a) a Purchase Order or Signed Binding Contract must be submitted to your Energy Solutions Advisor by June 30, 2022; (b) equipment must be installed by Oct. 31, 2022; and (c) equipment installed must meet the boiler requirements outlined below. Incentive cannot exceed the lesser of 50% of project costs or $100,00 per project. Incentive offers are subject to change based on budget availability.

Condensing boilers: For existing buildings, all sizes of condensing boilers qualify. For new construction warehouses, only condensing boilers under 300 MBH qualify. For new construction commercial buildings under 50,000 sq. ft., only condensing boilers under 300 MBH qualify.

High-efficiency boilers: For existing buildings, all sizes of high-efficiency boilers qualify. New construction buildings do not qualify for high-efficiency boiler incentives.

** Business partner and distributor incentives are only available for qualifying boiler projects installed at the facilities of Enbridge Gas Inc. commercial customers (excluding contract rate customers previously served by Union Gas) with annual gas consumption greater than 50,000 m3.

How to secure your incentive

Contact one of our Energy Solutions Advisors to confirm the incentive eligibility* early in the project planning process. They will help you guide through the following steps:

Complete an incentive application form

Attach a copy of the customer invoice

Your documentation should include:

  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Installation address (must match the address on the application form)
  • Type of equipment and how many units were installed
  • Make, model and serial number(s)
  • Rented or owned
  • Enbridge Gas account number

Submit your application package

Email the form, invoice and supporting documentation to or to your Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor.

Receive your incentive

Incentive payments for business partners and customers are issued separately and mailed to the addresses provided in your application.

Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

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