Bring in fresh air for greater comfort and lower costs

A common form of ventilation, make-up air (MUA) units are designed to bring in fresh, outdoor air to replenish the air that’s been pushed out through exhaust systems. For buildings with greater ventilation requirements, condensing make-up air (MUA) units can improve air quality and comfort while achieving even greater energy savings.

Why upgrade?

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    Reduce HVAC system energy use.

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    Save on ongoing energy costs.

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    Improve air quality by reducing contaminants.

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    Create a more comfortable environment.

Buildings with greater ventilation requirements can benefit


Commercial kitchens

Institution Building
Long-term care facilities
Sports Arena
Affordable multi-family housing
House and building
Multi-unit residential buildings
Manufacturing facilities
Illustration of a wastewater treatment plant.
Wastewater treatment plants
Illustration of a fitness centre.
Fitness centres

How do condensing MUAs work?

MUA units take in fresh air from outdoors. The air first passes through filters and dampers to regulate how much air is brought in, removing dust, debris, smoke and other contaminants in the process. It’s then heated with a gas-fired heat exchanger before being blown as tempered air into a space.

Condensing MUA units are similar to non-condensing models, but with much more efficient burners and multiple heat exchangers that extract more waste heat. With less natural gas needed to heat the air, condensing MUAs provide the same level of output for a lower cost.

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Incentives for condensing MUAs

Our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you take advantage of incentives through the following programs:

Fixed Incentive Program

Per-unit incentives make it quick and easy to offset the cost of upgrading eligible condensing MUAs.

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Affordable Multi-Family Housing Program

Get per-unit incentives for condensing MUAs in social, affordable and market-rate multi-family buildings.

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Incentives for business partners

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