Save on heating costs with destratification fans

As a result of warm air rising, there’s often a difference in temperature between the floor and ceiling. For warehouses and buildings with high ceilings, these temperature fluctuations can mean higher heating and cooling costs to keep large spaces comfortable. The higher the ceiling, the worse the problem gets. We can help you save energy with incentives for destratification fans.

Why upgrade?

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    Reduce energy use and costs.

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    Enjoy more comfortable, consistent temperatures.

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    Improve heat distribution from floor to ceiling.

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    Minimize strain on heating and cooling systems.

Which buildings can benefit?

Industrial facilities
Retail stores

What you need to know about destratification fans

Installing high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) destratification fans prevents the hot air in a facility from rising to the ceiling and the cold air from sinking to the floor. By pushing the hot air down to balance out the temperature difference, these fans offer an immediate and inexpensive way to ensure a consistent and comfortable temperature where it is most needed.

Destratification fans offer the highest potential for energy savings in facilities with large stratification temperature differences, such as warehouses where the greater the ceiling height, the greater the potential for savings in heating load.

More benefits:

  • Minimizes the amount of warm air that has to be continuously replaced with cold outside air to achieve adequate ventilation.
  • Works alongside existing HVAC systems.
  • Simple to install and runs with minimal operating costs.
  • Operates quietly and efficiently.
  • Eliminates condensation, mould growth and wet floors.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive duct work for both heating and air conditioning systems in new construction.

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Incentives for destratification fans

Our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you take advantage of incentives through the following program:

Fixed Incentive Program

Per-unit incentives make it quick and easy to offset the cost of installing eligible destratification fans.

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Incentives for business partners

Are you a distributor or service provider? Get rewarded to help commercial customers, industrial customers and affordable housing providers upgrade to high-efficiency equipment, and connect with Energy Solutions Advisors who can help you close sales.

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