Underground natural gas pipeline may be closer to the surface than you think. Digging in the wrong place, even with a simple garden shovel, could create a safety hazard or cut off service to an entire neighbourhood. Homeowners and/or their contractors who cause damage to natural gas lines can be fined, charged for costly repairs to equipment or a neighbouring property, or even sued if someone is injured.

Locate underground utility lines before you do any digging on your property.

Dig safely: It’s the law

Are you a construction company planning ground disturbance work or a property owner thinking about renovations that involve digging? It is the law to always obtain locates for all underground utility infrastructure.  

What you need to do before you dig?

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Find out what’s underground – IT’S FREE

A minimum of five days before digging, visit Ontario One Call's website or call 1-800-400-2255 to inquire about where natural gas lines are buried and where to avoid digging.

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Wait for the designated locate service provider to arrive

Once your request is received, the designated locate service provider will visit your home and locate the utility underground facilities, so that you can complete your project safely.

Private lines installed by the homeowner or a private contractor and not utility representatives, such as a gas line from your house to a backyard garage, natural gas BBQ or a pool heater, are not covered by Ontario One Call's scope. You must arrange for a separate private locate to be completed by a locate service provider for private lines.

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Now you can dig

Complete all work near buried natural gas lines in a safe manner to prevent damaging natural gas lines. Damages to natural gas lines can result in a leak, fire or explosion and can cut off utility service to entire neighborhoods. Use hand digging where appropriate and refer to Enbridge’s Third-Party Requirements Standard for direction.

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What if I cause damage to a natural gas line or find a line that is not on my locate records?

If you cause a damage to a natural gas line or find an unknown line that appears to be abandoned or incorrectly located on your records, do not assume it i abandoned.  You should immediately:

  1. Stop your work.
  2. Move to a safe distance. 
  3. Call 911 if there is escaping gas
  4. Call the Enbridge Gas emergency line (1-866-763-5427).  

Planning work near of Enbridge Gas' vital pipelines? Your natural gas locate will indicate that there might be additional requirements.
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But won’t my contractor take care of this?

Never assume your contractor has taken care of your locates -- always ask them to make sure. Safety is always the top priority.