Reduce your environmental impact for just $2 a month

Here’s an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment. OptUp to renewable natural gas (RNG) for just two dollars a month.

Produced from organic waste, such as food scraps, farm waste and sewage, carbon-neutral RNG is blended into Ontario’s natural gas system to heat homes and businesses more sustainably. One hundred percent of the funds generated from OptUp are used to purchase and blend RNG.

Join other homes and businesses making a positive impact

Dollar sign

Affordable and convenient

For just two dollars a month, OptUp is an easy step to fight climate change.

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Diverts waste from landfills

RNG turns organic waste into carbon-neutral renewable energy.

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An easy way to reduce emissions

Captures methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

How does OptUp make a difference?

One hundred percent of funds generated by OptUp are used to purchase and blend RNG into Ontario's natural gas system.

The annual impact of current OptUp participants is equivalent to**:

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Recycling 24 tonnes of organic waste

Imagine recycling food waste from 120 homes a year.

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Avoiding 285,028 km of driving

That’s like 278 road trips from Windsor to Timmins.

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Planting 1,180 trees

That’s enough oxygen for 4,720 people each day.

The more participants who join, the larger the impact!

Ready to OptUp?

1. Sign up

You’ll need your Enbridge Gas account number handy.

2. A $2 charge will be reflected on your next bill

On your bill, it will appear under “Other Enbridge charges” as “Utility Service Charge.”

3. Opt out if you change your mind

There’s no contract, no commitment. We’ll need 30 days notice for the change to be reflected on your next bill.

(Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

Small business? Make OptUp part of your sustainability action plan.

For just two dollars a month, OptUp can help your business reduce emissions and enhance your company’s reputation.

“The use of RNG is the perfect opportunity to reduce GHG emissions while transforming our fuel distribution infrastructure.”
Andrew Coates, Director, Energy and Solution Pursuits, Modern Niagara

“We are encouraged to see Enbridge Gas launch the OptUp program. It is an essential step in the critical shift to renewable and low-carbon gases as we look to decarbonize the natural gas supply. These types of programs support the provincial and federal governments in meeting our greenhouse gas reduction obligations.”
Brandon Moffatt, Vice President, Development, StormFisher

OptUp with RNG made here in Ontario

StormFisher Biogas Facility: London, Ontario

One hundred percent of funds generated from OptUp are used to purchase locally-produced RNG from StormFisher’s facility in London, Ontario. Converting organic waste to carbon-negative RNG captures methane that would otherwise be released into the environment. The facility:

  • Processes over 70,000 tonnes of organic waste.
  • Eliminates over 8,000 tonnes of GHG emissions.
  • Produces over 3 million m3 of RNG.
RNG can only be added to the broader natural gas network. This means that when Enbridge Gas adds RNG to its network, the gas being delivered to homes and businesses becomes a blend of conventional natural gas and RNG. Your two-dollar contribution supports the addition of RNG into Enbridge Gas’ natural gas network.
How much RNG will be added to the natural gas system will depend on the number of customers who participate and the cost of RNG, since it may vary year-to-year. Assuming 16,000 customers participate in the first year, and the price of RNG is around 80 cents per cubic meter of RNG, approximately 610,000 cubic meters of RNG will be delivered to participating customers.
This program is limited to Enbridge Gas customers. If you're interested in other ways to reduce GHGs, please visit site.
OptUp is an easy and affordable way for you to help green Ontario’s natural gas supply. For just two dollars a month, you are helping to fund the cost of purchasing and adding RNG to our natural gas supply; the more customers that sign up for OptUp, the greater the environmental impact.
RNG is a carbon-neutral fuel that can help fight climate change. Created by capturing methane emissions from organic waste, landfills and wastewater treatment plants, RNG will play an important role in Ontario’s clean energy future. RNG can be used to fuel transit fleets, power industry and heat homes and businesses. RNG is not a fossil fuel; therefore, it is an effective solution to help communities reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
By choosing to participate in OptUp, you’re helping to fund the cost of adding RNG to our natural gas supply and thus increasing the demand for investment in RNG, a renewable energy source. Continued increase in demand and investment for renewable energy will help grow our province’s focus on lower carbon initiatives, supporting the transition to renewable energy in Ontario.

RNG is typically produced from:

  • Organic waste from food processing facilities.
  • Municipal organic waste.
  • Agricultural waste, such as leftover crops and animal manure.
  • Bio-solids from wastewater treatment plants.
Yes, you can change your mind and opt out at any time, without penalty or cost, by simply calling Enbridge Gas. We require a 30-days’ notice for cancellation and for the change to be reflected on your next billing cycle.
Yes. You can participate if you are a system gas general service customer (you buy your gas through Enbridge Gas) and are in one of the following rate classes: Rate 1, Rate 6, Rate 01, Rate 10, Rate M1 and Rate M2.
On September 24, 2020, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) approved an Enbridge Gas application (EB-2020-0066) to implement this program and to set a new two-dollar charge to relevant rate schedules; the program results will be reported to the OEB as part of the program review.
As part of the requirements for the application filed with the Ontario Energy Board, Enbridge Gas will report annually on program results.

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** Based on purchasing 38,125 m3 of RNG from the contributions of 1,000 customers as calculated at