Stop air leaks at the door

With shipping and receiving doors opening and closing all day, unwanted cold or hot air can be infiltrated or lost, reducing comfort and increasing energy costs. We can help you make simple changes for immediate savings with expert help and incentives.

Why upgrade?

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    Reduce heat loss up to 90 percent.

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    Lower energy costs.

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    Keep out snow, dust, exhaust and insects.

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    Maintain more comfortable indoor temperatures.

Which buildings can benefit?

Industrial facilities
Retail stores
Office buildings

What you need to know about air curtains and dock door seals

  1. How air curtains work

    During loading and unloading, open doorways can let in blasts of cold or hot air and other contaminants, such as dust, moisture, fumes or insects.

    Air curtains use a wall of forced air to create an invisible barrier that people and vehicles can still pass through. This prevents outdoor elements from coming in—and indoor air from escaping.

  2. How dock door seals work

    Trailers don’t always fit snugly in shipping doors. Each little gap between the door frame and the trailer lets heat and air conditioned air escape, adding up to wasted energy costs.

    There are two ways to seal dock doors:

    • Compression seals: Foam pads form a tight seal around the top and sides of the trailer when it backs in.
    • Shelter seals: These foam frames are flexible and adapt to form a seal around the trailer sides.

Why work with us? Expert help, at every step

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We’ll help you identify energy-efficient opportunities.
See a detailed calculation of potential savings with incentives.
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Get incentives when you implement our recommendations.

Get incentives to offset your costs

Our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you take advantage of incentives through the following program:

Fixed Incentive Program

Per-unit incentives make it quick and easy to offset the cost of installing air curtains and dock door seals.

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Incentives for business partners

Get rewarded to help commercial customers, industrial customers and affordable housing providers upgrade to high-efficiency equipment, and connect with Energy Solutions Advisors who can help you close sales.

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Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

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