Incentives and expert advice to save energy

Your business’ needs are unique. Let our experts help you find energy-saving opportunities that meet those specific needs. With customized advice and incentives, we can help you reduce operating costs, meet sustainability goals and improve the comfort in your buildings.

Saving energy can help you:

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    Reduce operating costs.

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    Meet emissions reduction targets.

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    Achieve ongoing energy savings.

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    Stay competitive and profitable.

Why work with us?

Whether you run a small warehouse or a large commercial building, working with an Energy Solutions Advisor has many advantages. We’ll help you to:

Understand your business needs and set goals to save energy.

Identify and prioritize energy-saving projects across your business.

Calculate estimated savings to help build your business case.

Provide technical support for energy-efficient equipment and processes.

Apply for programs and incentives to speed up payback.

Where are your top opportunities hiding?

Building automation & controls

Implement building controls and save energy through operational improvements.

Air curtain and dock door seals

Get fixed incentives for upgrades to stop air losses through shipping and receiving doors.


There are many reasons to upgrade boiler systems and reducing natural gas costs is at the top of the list.

Equipment upgrades

Choose energy-efficient technology and get fixed incentives for every unit you install.

New construction

Our programs offer design expertise, energy modelling and financial incentives for building better than the Ontario Building Code.

Retrofits & custom projects

We pay up to 50 percent of incremental project costs for energy-efficiency projects that deliver savings.

Energy audits & studies

Get incentives to help cover the cost of identifying and measuring energy-saving opportunities in your building.

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Business partners

Are you a distributor or service provider? Get rewarded to help commercial customers, industrial customers and affordable housing providers upgrade to high-efficiency equipment, and connect with Energy Solutions Advisors who can help you close sales.

See more advantages

Koornneef Produce plants the seeds for ongoing savings

Since participating in the Savings by Design Commercial and Multi-Residential program, a new 60,000-square-foot facility designed with energy performance saves the family-owned business $86,812 a year.

  • $86,812 projected annual energy cost savings.
  • 37 percent better energy performance than Ontario Building Code.

“We’re focused on tomorrow. We wanted to consider factors outside of our control, like rising electricity prices. The Savings by Design Commercial and Multi-Residential program helped us design and build for that.”

Brad Koornneef
Warehouse Manager

Standard Life achieves cost savings with better boilers

At its Yonge and Sheppard building, high-efficiency boilers and automated controls helped reduce emissions and natural gas consumption.

  • More than $125,000 natural gas saved annually.
  • 448 tonnes annual CO2 reduction.

“The savings benefit tenants as well as building owners and they free up funds for other projects.”

Normal Almeida
Technical and Construction Manager

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