Maximize comfort with heating and ventilation equipment

Heat and ventilate more efficiently without increasing costs. Discover how upgrading the natural gas equipment below can help you save energy and improve the comfort of your building. Our Energy Solutions Advisors make it easy to upgrade, with expert help and incentives.

Top equipment upgrades


There are many reasons to upgrade boiler systems, and reducing natural gas costs is at the top of the list.

How boilers work

Condensing MUAs

For buildings with greater ventilation requirements, condensing make-up air units can improve air quality.

How MUAs work


A well-insulated building doesn’t just keep heating and cooling costs down—it also improves comfort.

How insulation works

Air curtains & dock door seals

Get fixed incentives for easy upgrades to stop energy from leaking through shipping and receiving doors.

How to stop air leaks

Destratification fans

High warehouse ceilings? Save on heating with improved heat distribution from floor to ceiling.

How fans work

Demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV)

Ventilation is the single biggest energy user in commercial kitchens—a big opportunity to save.

How DCKV works

Demand control ventilation (DCV)

Control ventilation, control costs. Ideal for optimizing fresh air flow in high occupancy spaces.

How DCV works


Energy and heat recovery ventilators can reduce heating and cooling costs by efficiently circulating fresh, outdoor air indoors.

How ERV/HRVs work

How a $2,100 incentive helped Boston Pizza upgrade and save

Upgrading to DCKV and air curtains at its Niagara Falls location was a pilot project, but the results were so successful it’s being repeated at other franchise locations.

  • Up to 18,924 m3 in annual natural gas savings.
  • $2,100 incentive.
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