Frequently asked questions

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What is the Equal Monthly Payment Plan?

The  Equal Monthly Payment Plan  allows you to spread out your annual natural gas costs over 12 months. Learn more.

What is MyEnergyXpert tool?

MyEnergyXpert tool helps you evaluate your home energy use and find you energy savings. You can complete an online energy self-audit just by answering a few simple questions about your homes energy use. You’ll learn how to reduce your energy consumption, lower your monthly bills, and be given an Energy Savings Improvement Plan specific to your needs. Start your online audit today.

Does Enbridge Gas go door-to-door?

Enbridge Gas does not sell anything door to door. We also don’t rent, sell or service natural gas appliances such as furnaces or gas stoves. Our representatives may visit your property for a variety of reasons, including reading your meter. Always ask to see their Enbridge Gas photo ID.

How do I escalate my concerns or questions?

You may call Customer Care at 1-877-362-7434 to resolve your concerns or questions. Additionally, a Customer Service Representative can also arrange for a supervisor to contact you.

If you have spoken with a supervisor and you still feel that your inquiry has not been resolved, you may contact our Customer Ombudsman.
Bell Relay: 1-800-855-0511

If your concerns have not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact the Ontario Energy Board.

How do I report a suspected fraud, scam, or phishing attempt?

At Enbridge Gas, we take phishing and spoofing attempts on our customers very seriously. Learn more about how to report a suspected fraud, scam, or phishing attempt.

What are charges from other companies on my bill?

Enbridge Gas provides a billing service to other companies that offer energy-related products and services. These companies are not owned by or affiliated with Enbridge Gas. If you decide to buy a product or service from a participating company, the charges will appear on the section of your bill called Charges From Other Companies. Enbridge Gas does not recommend, endorse or guarantee the products or services offered by such companies.

Examples of products/services offered:

  • the sale, service or rental of natural gas appliances
  • energy efficiency or environmental initiatives
  • household improvements that result in improved energy efficiency
  • financing contracts for natural gas appliances, home improvements or energy efficiency initiatives.

You should only provide your personal information, including your Enbridge Gas account number, if you’ve decided to enter into a contract with a participating company. The service provider’s name and phone number will appear with their charges on your bill. For questions about their product, service or charges, contact them directly.

You can learn more about the charges by logging into My Account and visiting the Manage My Account tab. If a charge looks incorrect, view our customer information sheet to learn more about our dispute process.

View the list of participating companies.

What is Golden Age Service?

If you are 65 or older, you are eligible for our Golden Age Service at no charge. This program offers the option to pay your monthly gas bill when you receive your pension cheque with no late payment penalty charged. Register by logging into My Account on the Manage Account tab.

How do I pay my bill?

There are many ways to pay your bill. Visit billing options for more information.

What do I do when I’m moving and need to close or open an account?

You can let us know that you are moving using our online request formWhen you move your Enbridge Gas account number will also change. After you move and you receive your first bill, change your account number in your bank account settings so the payment is applied correctly.


  • When you open a new account you will be charged with a “New account charge” a one-time fee of $25 (plus tax). It covers the cost of your account and meter setup.
  • You’ll also notice a “Monthly Customer Charge” a recurring monthly amount that covers meter readings, equipment maintenance and 24/7 emergency response.

My gas has been shut off, how can I get it reconnected?

We want to ensure you have natural gas running in your home this winter. If your natural gas is currently off, we’ll work with you to quickly schedule an appointment to have your natural gas reconnected.

Call us at 1-877-362-7434 to have your natural gas reconnected. 


Is the personal information on my bill being shared with other companies?

Your information is confidential. The use of any personal information on your Enbridge Gas bill must adhere to Enbridge Gas' Privacy Statement .

How often should I receive a bill?

You should receive one bill each month at about the same time. If it has been more than 45 days (or 60 days if your account is new) since your last bill, contact our Billing Department at 1-877-362-7434.

What is eBill and how do I sign up ?

You can sign up for eBill and view your bill online in My Account at any time. Each month, you will be notified by email that your bill is ready. You also have the option to receive a text message. You can view your 24 latest bills when you log in and go to My Account.

How do I change the mailing address on my bill?

Visit the Manage Account tab under My Account to change your billing address.

What is pre-authorized payment?

If you register for the pre-authorized payment (PAP) plan, the amount due on your Enbridge Gas bill will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account to pay your bill each month. Once you sign-up, you’ll still need to pay your current bill as the withdrawal from PAP will start on your next bill. When you receive the next bill, the date of the withdrawal will be included.

Sign-up to PAP.

What credit cards are accepted?

You can use MasterCard, VISA, or VISA Debit. Prepaid credit cards are not accepted.

How do I know my payment has been received?

To confirm your payment:

Are there any additional charges for using KUBRA EZ-PAY

Yes. For credit cards, an additional charge of 1.75% of the total Enbridge Gas payment amount applies. This charge will appear as a separate item on your credit card bill.

Will I still receive a hard-copy bill when i sign-up for eBill?

No, you will no longer receive hard copies of your bill once you sign up for eBill.

Why does my gas meter need to be exchanged?

Ontario safety regulations require the periodic replacement of natural gas meters and an accompanying inspection of the natural gas equipment in the home / business to ensure safety and accuracy of measurement. Customers are provided advance notification of meter change activity in their area and an option to book an appointment. If an appointment is not arranged, we will exchange the outside meter when in the area and the gas supply will be left off. We will leave behind instructions and a contact number for the customer to schedule a time for us to turn their gas service back on and relight their appliances.

Does Lakeside Gas Service work on behalf of Enbridge Gas?

Yes, Lakeside Gas Services, a long-standing Enbridge Gas business partner, will perform work on behalf of Enbridge Gas. Their service technicians are fully trained and licensed and will be wearing an Enbridge Gas licensed technician’s identification card. Lakeside Gas Services is currently performing meter exchanges in Ottawa, Brantford & Waterloo. If you received a notice that your gas meter is due to be replaced, contact Lakeside Gas Services to book an appointment during the time they are in your area, to change your appointment or if you were away when the meter was exchanged: at 1-866-215-6670 and press 1. Lakeside representatives are available, Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

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What do I do when I smell gas?

Natural gas will smell similar to rotten eggs. If you suspect a natural gas leak, leave the area immediately. From a safe distance, call our 24/7 emergency number at 1-866-763-5427.

What do I do if my carbon monoxide detector goes off?

If your carbon monoxide alarm goes off or you suspect there may be carbon monoxide in the building:

  • Open windows and doors to let fresh air in.
  • Call 911 or your fire department.
  • Leave your house and seek medical attention for anyone showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, which are similar to the flu.

Carbon monoxide has no smell, taste or colour but is very poisonous.

How will an electrical power outage affect my gas equipment?

Some natural gas appliances also need electricity to work. For example, your furnace uses natural gas to produce heat, but uses electricity to make the fan and thermostat work. In the event of a power outage or electrical issue, your natural gas appliances may be affected.

Who do I contact if my furnace breaks down?

Enbridge Gas does not repair furnaces, boilers or water heaters. If your furnace needs repairs or maintenance, please contact an HVAC contractor. Find a qualified contractor near you at the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI).

What do I need to do before digging?

By law, you have to call before digging on or around your property.

Call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 at least one week before you dig. They will mark utility lines with paint, stakes or flags so you can avoid digging in the wrong spot.

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How do I use my TTY device?

If you have a hearing or speech impairment and use a TTY (Teletypewriter) device, you can use the Bell Relay Service to communicate with us.

For more information about this service, contact Bell Canada directly at 1-800-268-9242.

For more information about TTY devices and similar equipment, contact

The Canadian Hearing Society at 416-964-9595 (TTY: 416-964-0023).

Who can help me with my accessibility concerns of questions?

Our Customer Ombudsman will support and welcome feedback about your accessibility needs or experience at Enbridge Gas.
Bell Relay: 1-800-855-0511

How can I sign up to receive my bill in braille?

If you would prefer to receive your bill in Braille, call our Customer Service Centre at 1-877-362-7434.

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How can I compare gas prices?

Enbridge Gas and natural gas marketers determine rates differently, so it is difficult to do a direct price comparison. At Enbridge Gas, the gas supply charge is based on the expected prices of natural gas for the next year. We review prices every three months and adjust them if needed. Our rates are approved by the Ontario Energy Board. Natural gas marketers have different contracts with terms and conditions.

When a customer chooses to get their supply from a marketer, the price is determined by their contract. When customers sign an agreement, they know what their gas supply charge will be for the term of their contract.