Before you dig

Thinking of planting a tree, building a deck or installing a fence? Always call or click before you dig - to request locates of natural gas lines and avoid damage — it's the law. Damage to natural gas lines can result in a gas leak, fire, explosion, or cut off utility service to an entire neighborhood. If you do cause damage to a natural gas line, you will be required to pay for repairs.

What you need to do

Before you dig, the law requires you to contact Ontario One Call to locate and mark underground pipes. Contact them at least one week in advance of starting your project. Call 1-800-400-2255 or submit your request online. This 24/7 service is offered free of charge.

To move natural gas pipes inside your home, be sure to hire a registered heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor who is certified to work with natural gas.

Remember: If you have natural gas lines from your house to a backyard garage, natural gas BBQ or a pool heater, may have been installed privately and are not covered b Ontario One Call. You must arrange for a separate private locate to be completed by a company that specialized in underground utilities locators.