Before you dig

Underground natural gas pipeline may be closer to the surface than you think. Digging in the wrong place, even with a simple garden shovel, could create a safety hazard or cut off service to an entire neighbourhood. And you could be held liable for all of it. Locate underground utility lines before you do any digging on your property.

Dig safely: It’s the law

Thinking of planting a tree, building a deck or installing a fence, or put a hole in the ground? Anytime you plan to dig, you must get a free locate of underground utility infrastructure, it's the law.

What you need to do before you dig?

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Find out what’s underground – IT’S FREE

A minimum of five days before digging, visit Ontario One Call's website or call 1-800-400-2255 and make a request to know where natural gas lines are buried and where to avoid digging.
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Wait for us to arrive.

Once your request is received, Enbridge Gas or a designated locate service provider will visit your home and locate the utility underground facilities so you can complete your project safely.
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Now you can dig

Damage to natural gas lines can result in a leak, fire, explosion, or cut off utility service to an entire neighborhood. Homeowners and/or their contractors who cause damage can be fined, charged for costly repairs to equipment or neighbouring property, or even sued if someone is injured.
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But won’t my contractor take care of this?

Some contractors can but it’s best to ask and ensure that no matter what safety is the top priority.