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At Enbridge Gas, we understand that your life takes energy. We don't make the big holiday meal or deliver the hot water for your shower — our job is to provide the energy that makes those things possible.

You may have heard that your home or business might soon have access to affordable natural gas. Learn more about the natural gas connection to your community.   

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How does natural gas get to your home?



Connect to natural gas in your home

If you're thinking about making the switch, you've come to the right place. We’re here to help get gas to you. Wondering what's involved in switching to natural gas? 


Contact Customer Connections Contact Centre at 1-888-427-8888 to find out if you have access to a natural gas line near you.

Enbridge Gas will take care of everything outside your home (up to your meter) to get access to natural gas in your home.We will assess where your home is in relation to an underground natural gas line and whether it can be connected to your home. In addition, we will provide a construction estimate to determine the cost to connect your home to the natural gas pipeline.

A registered heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor (HVAC) will provide you with information on what’s involved in switching your home to natural gas, including the cost of installing appliances. Find a local HVAC contractor. They take care of the installation inside your home. As with any work on your home, it’s a good idea to get multiple quotes. 

Once you’ve decided on an HVAC contractor and have decided which appliances you will connect to natural gas, they can complete and submit the Enbridge Gas application

Enbridge Gas will schedule the installation once the accurately completed gas application is received along with agreement and payment confirmation. In addition permit and locates must be confirmed.

Your HVAC contractor will install your natural gas equipment and appliances and connect the supply line to your gas meter.

It's important that you do not disconnect any current heating equipment and you maintain your current heating systems and fuel contracts until natural gas installation is ready for you to use.

The installation may take 7 to 12 weeks (for street service installations where a gas main already exists in front of a property). However, installation times may increase in the fall and early winter. In addition, locates of underground pipes and cables before digging or excavating are required.

Keep in mind - you are required to connect the appliances in your home to natural gas within 6 months of the Enbridge Gas installation. Otherwise, you will be charged $2,500 to help recover the cost of installation on your property.

Safety is our top priority. We will inspect your gas meter and the appliances at no cost to ensure your equipment is ready and safe to use. Contact us at 1-877-362-7434 to book an appointment.

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A green future

We are committed to creating cleaner energy for our environment.

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Why natural gas

Getting natural gas to your property is just the beginning.